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    Outsource interaction on your website to qualified sales representatives available 24/7.
  • Get, Set and Go!
    Optimize costs and maximize returns on your digital strategy with

    improved SEO, SEM, Social Media and other online engagements.
  • Lead On!
    Increase customer acquisition by upto 5x on your website.
  • Bigger and Better!
    Get real-time web analytics and reports for optimum efficiency.

6 reasons why Livserv

Enhance your sales with qualified leads

Increase customer satisfaction with live human interaction

Improve user experience on your website

Analyse online markets, web traffic and reports

Reduce organizational costs

Increase overall productivity

Managing Over 1 Million Visitors Online Every Month

Our skilled agents operate 100,000+ chats and capture 50,000 leads per month out of all the digital traffic landing on our client’s websites.

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Our Services

Livserv provides your website with a chat service that completely enhances an online visitor's experience. Our agents are professionally trained to understand the context of your industry well enough to convert an online enquiry into a lead live on your website.

Salient features:

  • Increase qualified leads and reduce lead leaks
  • Increase online engagement with customers
  • Get detailed reports on customers
  • Plug and play applications without hardware investments
  • Have 24/7 online support
  • Get comprehensive lead management tools
Livserv contact center uses a pre-approved script to continue the engagement with the visitor, generally highlighting your products/services, and making the visitor feel comfortable and find out about what they are looking for!
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We also offer extended support service by taking the customer through pre and post sales processes. Our supervisors and Customer Relationship Managers will train agents based on the requirement and help in achieving the targeted business benefit.
We can also provide visitor greeting services, and engage in general chat with the customer and bring you in to the online chat, so that you can be your own sales man, which help many small traders and business men. This is addressed by a Chat Transfer Service model, where Livserv will engage clients round the clock and validated leads will be handled by the client's agents when they are online.

Our Monthly Packages

Low Traffic

150 Live Interactions.
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Medium Low

300 Live Interactions.
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Medium High

600 Live Interactions.
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High Traffic

1200 Live Interactions.
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Very High Traffic

Please contact the Livserv sales executives for the best Service Solution.
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Livserv will help the client to choose the right billing model after understanding the service requirement of the Client. Once the Services are frozen, the pricing can be discussed.

Special Discount

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About Us

Livserv Technologies Private Limited is a subsidiary of BNA Technology Consulting Limited (Estd.1989), a company based in Bangalore, India and registered with the State of Karnataka. Livserv is the ideal partner for all your online sales and web support needs. We build our business around online sales and chat service for web visitors.

Livserv has a full fledged contact center in Bangalore working round the clock in four shifts. Livserv also has an in-house development team and boasts of having proprietary patent pending processes that makes it stand out from many other chat based solutions available.

Our Clients

We have worked for over 350 clients from varying industries by acquiring subject knowledge and adapting to their processes.

Real Estate





Mutual Funds

Tours and Travels

Information Technology

Contact us for references/case study of the Industry of your preference

Frequently Asked Questions

What differentiates Web Communication Channel from others ?

It is a unique feature of a "text based communication interface" appearing on the screen embedded into the corresponding website. As the visitor opens your site he/she is pleasantly greeted just as your staff would greet a visitor who physically walks into your establishment. The Livserv channel adds a personal touch to the website. Livserv service based sites are different from other sites, where the customer is required to click a button to initiate a chat because studies have indicated that most visitors do not click on the click-to-chat button!

How can you avail Livserv ?

If you are interested, you can avail Livserv services on your website for 7 days on a free trial basis, before deciding, once you register with us on payment of one time set up charges. Our online CSR will guide you through the process.

Why not employ our own agents ?

If you plan to employ your own agents, first you need to either buy or license the application software on a per agent/per seat basis and pay for the same. But Livserv Services already include this cost, and there is no separate per agent charge. Most of the Livserv clients are the marketing/ sales division of a company, who would like to look on to this service as an extension of their marketing activities, rather than as a technology tool.

Our product has evolved out of extensive study and development for the past three years and can claim to be the numero-uno in features, versatility and delivery.

What is the value of this service to my business ?

Our Live Agents follow a 3 step process:

  • ◆ They greet every visitor that comes to your website
  • ◆ They provide customer service during the visitor's stay on your web site
  • ◆ Through this process, they increase your sales and leads.

The results speak for themselves.

Why Livserv ?

Generally many sales are lost at the point of ordering, clients get understandably edgy about their queries about specific features or capabilities of their purchase, leading to shopping cart abandonment. Many clients are hesitant in purchasing even if they have only one unanswered question. By providing live support using 'Livserv', assistance can be provided to them in that final hurdle between the lead and the sales closure.

Who is the Livserv Agent ?

A Live Agent is like your own employee located at a remote contact center who greets, provides customer services and executes your sales scripts. He would be a highly skilled and professional website sales agent providing you virtual business support. Traditionally you would have your sales agent available within the premises or in majority of the instances sitting next door to you. But with the introduction of our Live Agent services you can have an online sales agent on your website, greeting your web visitors and generating leads for your business. All this, for only a marginal cost.

How Does it work?

Our business model allows you to have a real-time online interaction with your customers on your website, thus giving the customers a personalized experience!

First, we send you a piece of code which you upload on to your web pages. This begins to monitor your site recording visitors, who they are, where they come from, what were the referral sites, what were the key words they used to reach you and other such details. This information is then used to assess the potential customers from the "I'm-here-by-mistake" visitor.

Second, we now upload our interactive window on to your web site. A visitor on your website will now be pleasantly greeted by our Live Agent. It’s text based so as to be as non-intrusive as possible. Our agents will be fully trained on the content in your web pages and other further information you provide us, as per the package you choose.

And lastly, the transcript of the conversation with all visitors will be sent to you on a daily basis and your comment on them noted until we feel we have built up a sufficient knowledge base.

Please contact us to give references for the industry of your particular Interest.

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